Witness to History: The Complete Reich Legend Uncensored

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By Mike Walsh

Witness to History was 25-years in the making with three goals and one purpose in mind. First, a single book that divulges previously censored information whilst effectively debunking the victor’s propaganda Second, to put into perspective the catastrophic 20th Century one needs to see the big picture from the 1917 so-called Russian Revolution to the attempted genocide of defeated Germany. Finally, it is useless to compile a book based on one historian’s spin. It seemed far better to give those who made this epoch chance to tell us their spin-free story in their words. Sources are listed at the end of the book. For these three reasons Witness to History is unique. Its purpose is to pay homage to all victims of Capitalism and Communism It is to these betrayed martyrs that Witness to History is dedicated. No one book can adequately tell of their tortured lives. All Witness to History can do is offer a vignette of their distress. It does so with fervent and heartfelt wish that its message will help to avoid history repeating itself.

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Mike Walsh is a veteran journalist, broadcaster and historian of worldwide reputation. A fugitive only from renegade Europeans, leftists, palace scribblers and censors, he has shrugged off their wrath over 50 years of writing. His Irish-American father, Patrick had fought in four conflicts by the time he reached 40-years of age: As a rebel in the Irish peoples guerrilla war against the British Army’s Black and Tans. These army irregulars, dredged from England’s prisons, were notorious for their viciousness. Patrick also fought in the Irish War of Independence and went on to fight in the most ferocious hand-to-hand battles during the Spanish Civil War. Whilst on the frontlines he was a close associate and friend of American war correspondent, Ernest Hemingway. His father formed a close and enduring friendship with Ireland’s most celebrated playwright, Sean O’Casey. Eventually his father served in the Royal Air Force during World War Two as an aircraft fitter / flier. Mikes mother, Kathleen, from a literary family who also mentored Mike’s writing skills was a corresponding friend of Dolores Ibarruri, Spain’s Civil War revolutionary La Pasionaria. A tireless traveler, Mike, from the age of 26, was consumed by a passion for truth and justice. Inevitably, this led him to the potpourri of lies, infamies, cover-ups and crimes committed by the renegade armed forces that had militarily defeated the Reich. In doing so they ensured the spread of Bolshevism, the dismembering of the British Empire, and surrender to American imperialism. Through their hollow ‘victory’ the course was set for the division of Europe, the enslavement of Eastern Europe, and the security of the Bolshevik regime that had malignantly occupied democratic Russia since 1917. Through the base stupidity and race treachery the armed forces of the victors’ empires destroyed the one genuine revolution that alone could have ensured the preservation of European culture and values. Today, their dance of death is on their own funeral pyres. Mike Walsh writes their obituary.


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